«Heaven and Earth»

2nd International Multimedia Competition
for Pianists and Musical Experts

«Heaven and Earth»

2nd International Multimedia Competition
for Pianists and Musical Experts

About the Competition

The head of the piano competition panel is

OVCHINNIKOV Vladimir Pavlovich

People’s Artist of Russia, Professor at the P. I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, head of the Pianoforte Department at the Gnesin Russian Music Academy

The head of the musical expert panel is:

KHOLOPOVA Valentina Nikolaevna

Academician, Titular Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, Doctor of Arts, professor; Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Specializations for Musical Experts at the Moscow State Conservatory

The competition is based on a unique multimedia project by prominent figures in Russian modern art – composer Ivan Sokolov and artist Konstantin Sutyagin.

Ivan Sokolov wrote a series of pianoforte pieces called «Evangelical Pictures» which contains 31 preludes, a Recitative and an Epilogue.

Konstantin Sutyagin created a series of 70 paintings under the same title. The two art forms come together in a combined multimedia project called «Heaven and Earth» available at zemlyainebo.ru

A book on the «Heaven and Earth» multimedia project has been published. The book contains interactive QR codes that enable the reader to hear the music and watch the paintings come alive. see the book here



  1. Pianists under 30
  2. Pianists. Educators and performers
  3. Pianists. College and music school students


  1. Musical experts. Conservatory and University students.
  2. Musical experts. Post-graduate students and musical experts.


The 1st «Heaven and Earth» International Multimedia Competition for Pianists and Musical Experts engaged 40 pianists from 26 Russian cities, as well as nationals from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, China and Korea.

The competition winners were:


  • Gayane ASLANYAN — 1st prize laureate, Comitas Erevan State Conservatory, teacher: Vagarshak Vidokovich Arutyunyan

  • Vasilisa BOGORODSKAYA — 2nd prize laureate, P. I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, teacher: Pavel Tigranovich Nersesyan
  • Nikita MOROZOV — 2nd prize laureate, graduate of N. G. Zhiganov Kazan Conservatory


  • Yana ANCHIKOVA — 1st degree diploma, Irkutsk Oblast Chopin Musical College, teacher: Natalya Vitalievna Venger
  • Timofey KOLYVAENKO — 1st degree diploma + the «Hope» diploma, 8th grade student at the Pedagogical Practice Sector at S. V. Rachmaninov Novgorod Arts College, teacher: Lilia Alexandrovna Maximova
  • Maria MOSKOVICH P. I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, teacher: Yuri Valerievich Didenko

  • Arina TIMOFEEVA Herzen Russian Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, graduated in 2015

  • Polina UVARKINA Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, graduated in 2018, teacher: Daniil Eduardovich Kopylov

  • Andrey SHAPOVALOV — 1st degree diploma, \nN. A. Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory, teacher: Galina Vladimirovna Sandovskaya

  • Anna YAKHNENKO Far East State Institute of Arts, Vladivostok, teacher: Natalya Grigoryevna Isaeva

  • The «For Particularly Careful Work with Original Texts» diploma was awarded to Galina Vladimirovna SANDOVSKAYA, teacher at N. A. Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory